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5 Ways To Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier

Author: Kelsey, Eco Emi Team Member

A common battle of parenthood is trying to get your child to eat healthier.  Nothing seems to increase their interest in the “greener” side of the plate.  If you are like me, you may have come to the place where you will try anything.  Well, here are a few tips that can help them gain interest in eating more fruits and veggies and if your child is like mine, once they try them they will find something they actually like.

Start Young:

For some odd reason, kids are naturally cautious when it comes to trying new foods.  If they are accustomed to fruits and vegetables when they first start solid foods, they will be more likely to continue choosing these to eat throughout their life.  Like it’s commonly said, you have to eat something over 16 times on a regular basis in order for your senses to adjust to that particular taste. Starting your kids young on healthier foods like fruits and vegetables, will help them not be as leery when trying new things.

Catch Them Hungry:

When they have used up a lot of energy playing outside is a perfect time to give them healthier food choices.  Hunger can make almost anything taste better.

Make Soup:

Stuck inside on a rainy or cool day?  Try making a hearty bowl of vegetable soup!  Just throw some alphabet pasta in the bowl so the kids can enjoy playing, spelling, and eat well at the same time.

Dip Them:

Many kids love to dip their food in various condiments, no matter what those may be. To help establish a healthier eating pattern, give them some veggies and a few dipping options.  Try the hummus that we packed for you in our February 2014 box!  Another colorful option is to arrange the vegetables and/or fruit in an array of shapes and sizes.  This can help them have fun with their meal.


Sneak Them:

Sometimes, no matter how you present the plate of nutritious snacks, they reject it.  Next time, you are planning for dinner get creative in the presentation.  puree veggies in marinara sauce or spread a creamy glaze over broccoli.  You can even mash sweet potatoes for a healthier and exciting option, or blend in carrots, cauliflower, or turnips to add even more nutrition.  Other options can include making fresh juice from fruits and vegetables.  Mix cucumber, kale, spinach, or zucchini with fruits, the flavor is still fruity but packed with vitamins.  If the color of the juice looks less than appetizing, you can have a little fun with it by comparing it to swamp water or Shrek juice.


Do you have any other tricks that you use at home that interests your kids in eating healthier?

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