Like most, The Eco Emi team has been enjoying the great outdoors this summer. We have traveled across the country, collecting sea shells at the beach, camping in the woods, and floating on white water rapids. We love soaking up the rays and taking in the beauty of nature. Being out of doors offers so many benefits, such as promoting mental/physical well being as well as decreasing the risk of Vitamin D deficiencies.

We hope you got your fill of adventure this summer! Share your stories with us on our social media sites for the chance to win a free custom box!

 “Nature holds answers to questions we have not yet learned to ask.” – Nancy Newhall

Share with us on Facebook about your eco-friendly journey. What do you enjoy most? What do you find to be most difficult?

To view the Eco Emi August 2014 Greeting Card for more information about the products that were included click the following picture:

August Card Front and Back

 Products included in this month’s box are as follows:

herbal foot powder rockin green
Herbal Foot Powder

by: Raw Skin Ceuticals

Melody Odor Neutrolizer & Fragrance Spray

by: Rockin Green

seaweed raw finishing powder
Sesame Flavored Seaweed Sheets

by: gimMe Organics

*FUL SIZED* Raw Finishing Powder

by: Gourmet Body Treats

face cleanser body soother
Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipe

by: La Fresh

Instant Body Soother Wipe

by: La Fresh

bio bag  olomomo
Top Fold Sandwich Bag

by: BioBag

Cherry Vanilla Dream Roasted Almonds

by: Olomomo

tree smart
 Recycled Pencil

by: Tree Smart