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Coconut Oil

Author: Addison, Eco Emi Team Writer

Eco Emi has received several requests for some natural tips and remedies to clear up acne and dry skin.  Sometimes, it is difficult to discuss dermal issues, because, let’s face it, it’s personal!  In this brief article, Eco Emi hopes to provide some information that will provide a healthier choice to clear up these common dermal issues.

A possible and simple solution to these dermal issues may be right in your cupboard!  Coconut oil is a cure-all product which uses a combination of Lauric acid (anti-bacterial agent) and vitamins to promote healthier skin.  Coconut oil even helps eliminate bacterial infections when taken orally or applied topically!  This amazing Oil also works as a cooling compound, which helps alleviate those inflamed and irritated areas, and when applied to the skin, it mimics your natural oils keeping your pores open and refreshed.

So, how to actually apply this oil may be your next questions.  During your normal face cleansing routine follow three simple steps and you will be on your way to having healthy and rejuvenated skin.


Hydrating your Face

Step One:

  • Wash face by exfoliating with a brush or cloth and splash with warm water.  Apply coconut oil while the skin is still warm, as this will allow the oil to be more easily absorbed.
  • When finished, pat your face gently with a soft towel.  Because your facial skin is fragile, be sure not to rub, tug or pull.

Step Two:

  • Rub a pea-sized amount of coconut oil around your eyes, and focus on those areas that have wrinkles.   Coconut oil not only moisturizes but it improves dark circles and minimizes wrinkles.

Step Three:

  • Apply coconut oil sparingly to lips and other dry surfaces on your face.
  • If you tend to get dry patches around your mouth, nose, neck, elbows or cuticles, rub the oil in a circular motion into that specific area.

Remember that coconut oil is edible, so if you happen to get some in your mouth when applying to your lips, don’t worry, it’s actually very good for your health!

Eco Emi would love to hear from you.  Please let us know if this information was helpful!

2 Responses to Coconut Oil

  1. I use organic extra virgin coconut oil for body lotion, face lotion and lips, hair as a deep conditioner, and hand moisturizer. I keep a small jar with me!

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