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Custom Bonus Box

Custom Bonus Boxes are finally here! Please choose 20 items from the picture list below.

Please note that you can only choose up to 3 of one item. This is a one time payment, not a recurring monthly subscription.

ah bath soak    eye liner    3 teas    all purpose cleaner    aquatowel 1    sunscreen by aubrey    caveman cookies    lip balm potion witch    shea butter karitex    lip balm molly rose (2)    eye shadow lauren brooke    facial mask    pumpkin pout    dog shampoo    early down nail polish by suncoat    glory nail polish by suncoat    Bath Salts    shave cream    shea radiance    2N1    tree of life    cuticle oil whooty hoot    whitelighter    flower headband    glee gum    facial mask blissoma    3 pack kit    hummus    tea light    hand repair cream       diva stick    Cocoa Love Dust    mineral bath    powder bath    nail file    amazing meal    OCD    makeup remover    kuli kuli    flower power    marie natie    dry shampoo    vegan lip balm    loofah sponge    raw skin ceuticals    melody room spray    seaweed snack    finishing powder    olomomo almonds    bodywash 1    bumboosa    dental wipes    hair detangler 2    scar cream    tube    jersey shore    toy plus    lip stick    bambooee    dried apricots    icon oil    cookie dpt    green gaia    thesis beauty    stall mates wipes    rogers family    cellulite scrub    Disco    mermaid tail    paradise    emerald sky    cosmic    khloe    st valentine    passion fruit    tangerine melon    intuition    milk chocolate    blueberry    microfoliant    chick peas    bottle bright


12 Responses to Custom Bonus Box

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  2. Pamela L. says:

    How do you order this box and select products wanted?

  3. Eco Emi says:

    Hi Pamela!

    You can order this box by filling out the form above. There is a section that you can fill out the products you want, by typing them in a text box.

    Once you hit submit it will take you to PayPal to complete your order! :)

  4. Eco Emi says:

    Hi Pamela!

    If you would like to give us a call at 636-875-5240 we would be more than happy to walk you through the sign up process! :)

  5. Pamela L. says:

    I checked all the boxes available and all but the 20 pc. has select U.S/int’l and submit button to continue, FYI.

  6. Rebecca Finch says:

    I just realized, I only chose 20 items, rather than the 22 allowed. Can / Will EcoEmi automatically give me more of one of the items I chose? i.e. THREE (3) Tree of Life Bath Fizzy bombs, rather than one (1)?

  7. Lisa L. says:

    I would like to order the $10 custom box but there is no text section below the products to make your selections. It just says, “thank you for contacting us”. There is no option for US or Int’l orders so the text window does not appear. Is there a problem with the web page?

    • Eco Emi says:

      Hi Lisa! To order the custom box ($10), you will need to go to this page: I do not see this on my end, but am still trying to look into the issue more. If you still keep having issues, please call us at 636-875-5240.

      • Lisa L. says:

        Thank you so much! Totally resolved the issue. I think I still had the response page saved after placing a custom box order awhile back, so I guess that must be a different link. All good now!

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