Eco Emi offers a variety of products that focus on introducing our customers to a more eco friendly, natural, fair trade and animal conscious lifestyle.  Everyone has a different definition and idea of what these terms mean, so the Eco Emi team has put together a glossary of what these, and other, terms mean to us.  We hope you find this informative and we feel confident that this glossary will define where we stand so when you get a box from Eco Emi you will know what to expect.  We bless you in your journey to find the right balance for you.


Any product that is biodegradable, recyclable, toxin free and does not intentionally increase our carbon foot print (it might even reduce it).

All natural:

Comes from nature, not man-made; some examples might be honey, cotton, nuts and fruit.  Examples of the other stuff might be trans- fats, refined sugar and American cheese


                Items that do not use toxin filled ingredients, GMO’s, artificial growth hormones, or radiation.

Gluten free:

The absence of gluten – gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale (a mixture between wheat and rye).  It can cause inflammation in the small intestines, for those who suffer from celiac disease.  Click here to view foods that are naturally gluten-free diet.


Void of animal product and byproduct.  Eco Emi features many different products and some are certified as vegan.  Those will not contain any animal byproducts.


                Eco Emi products are always vegetarian which means void of meat.


Also known as non-genetically modified organisms, many items featured in Eco Emi boxes are non GMO and will be described as such.


                The carton or wrapping can be broken down and remade into another wrapper or carton.


An item used in packing or packaging that can be repurposed.

Animal Conscious:

                Selecting products that have not been tested on animals, verifying that the companies we feature have done enough research to ensure that their products don’t include ingredients obtained in an inhumane manner.