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Flavored Water

Author: Kelsey, Eco Emi Team Member

If you are like me, you may find it difficult to get in the habit of drinking the proper amount of water each day. Even when you are thirsty, you may reach for a sugary or carbonated drink to quench your thirst as opposed to water. So, let’s just face it; sometimes plain ole water just doesn’t cut it! Well, it’s time to spice up those boring eight glasses a day and create several different combinations of natural flavors. You can use any fresh fruit, herb, or spice that you have on hand, or you can follow the recipes that we have included below.

These infused waters are extremely easy to make, and they provide a very refreshing and crisp flavor. Not to mention it adds additional nutritious value! When you are finished with the drink, you can fill the glass again with more water, or you can enjoy the fruity treats at the bottom!

Do you have any specific fruits that you enjoy mixing with your water?


Flavored Water Recipe

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