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Green Up Your Holiday Season

Author: Kelsey, Eco Emi Team Member

It’s the time of year for decorating the tree, hanging the outside lights and wrapping up presents.  This holiday season, Eco Emi wants to share a variety of ways to help “green up” your home for the festivities to come.  Follow these few pointers, and you will be on your way to promoting eco-friendly alternatives to your decorations this season.

The Christmas Tree:

Let’s start with the tree.  It can be difficult to be “green” and have a tree but it can be done.  Purchasing a real tree, to be planted after Christmas, will reduce our carbon footprint and make our home smell terrific! Recycle and reuse ornaments that have passed down through the year, rather than purchasing new ones.  It adds character and helps the environment.

There are also varieties of edible treats, such as strings of popcorn, cranberries, or homemade gingerbread cookies that can transform your Christmas tree into something spectacular.  Another plus is that these organic options are both festive and can be composted when the holidays are over.  Apart from edible décor, acorns and pinecones are also great options; use them in their natural state or paint them for a more formal appearance.

If you still possess traditional lights, continue using them until they burn out.  Once it’s time to replace them, consider searching for LED lights; they use less energy than the conventional lights, which will help save you money and conserve energy.  These neat little lights are cool to the touch, bright, and will remain lit even if one light goes out.

Other Popular Holiday Décor:

Stockings:  In many households, hanging stockings on the mantle is a cherished tradition.  This year, try making a DIY stocking for your family.  Not only can they be matched to your holiday color scheme, but these handmade items can be made from organic fabrics are often more treasured than standard store bought ones.

Mantles, Balconies, and Banisters:  Another great addition for any mantle, balcony, or banister is garland.  Instead of purchasing plastic, try using real pine garland; these can be purchased at most tree farms or tree lots.  They are just as easy to hang as the conventional plastic, but they are accompanied by a naturally fresh aroma of pine that will surely create a warm and inviting feeling for any guest this holiday season.  They will naturally breakdown in your compost to benefit the garden next year.

Table Centerpieces:  When choosing the appropriate centerpiece for your table, take note of nature’s gift and use vibrant colored fruits.  Oranges, fresh nuts, cinnamon sticks, pears or pomegranates are all beautiful and fragrant options.  Using fruit that is in-season is an inexpensive choice; it also serves as a healthy snack for all those who pass by!  Another stylish look can be created by cutting small branches that have berries and placing them in a tall vase.

So, before you head to the store to choose your holiday decorations, consider these organic alternative items.  Their all-natural beauty is astonishing, and it might just open up an avenue to share your “green” lifestyle story with family and friends.



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