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March 2014

 Who says slumber parties are just for kids? Get together with your sister, your daughter or a good friend, and enjoy an evening of fun! You provide the movies, and Eco Emi has you covered with some appetizing snacks. We’ve included a few new products that are sure to start the night off right! Grab your PJ’s, pillows, and popcorn and enjoy a night of…Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

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Popcorn 2N1 Lip and Cuticle Therapy
Red Popcornby Kitts Kernel 2N1 Lip Therapy and Cuticle Treatmentby: The Lano Company Pure & Glam Cosmetics
Shea Butter La Fresh Wipes
Shea Butterby: Karitex Diamond Wipe Makeup Removerby: La Fresh
La Fresh Nail Polish Remover Dawn Lip Gloss
Diamond Wipe Nail Polish Removerby: La Fresh Dawn Lip Glossby: Purely You Minerals
Almond Bar
Crunchy Almond Barby: Kuli Kuli



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