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Parker Time Potions

In just a few weeks, we will be featuring a box that is centered around babies and toddlers. With this in mind, we wanted to share a little more about a company, named Parker Time Potions which fits our values and goals. Learn more about Kelly and her journey with creating Parker Time Potions and the products that are perfect for any growing child.

When I became a new mom I found that it was especially hard to devote time to my baby with a full-time job, graduate school and just dealing with the many challenges of becoming a parent. When Parker was diagnosed with autism, I wanted to bond with my baby son and experience the joy of development and progress with him. I started researching, reading and talking to friends and family about what was happening with Parker. Throughout this process I found that massage was a way for Parker and me to bond when the “normal” avenues of bonding were not available. Eventually Parker was diagnosed with Autism, which brought on another opportunity for Parker Time Potions to give back to Autism research.

Massage is an excellent way to bond with a child in any situation and in any developmental stage. Any time you take together is special.

Helpful Hints:

  1. Make massage part of your everyday routine. Massage your kiddo around the same time every day. What time is best? You want to choose a time when you’re not feeling so rushed and can really focus on your kiddo.
  2. White noise – You can choose to add some calming music, sing songs or simply talk to your baby. Before his massage, I sing Parker a little song: “Baby Massage, Baby Massage, Parker’s gonna get a Baby Massage.” It’s been an awesome way to get Parker involved in the process and ready for what’s to come!
  3. Choose a comfortable area. You can massage your kiddo on the changing table, your bed, or on the floor, wherever they are most comfortable and calm.
  4. Use a towel– this is to ensure no “potion” spill onto the surface I am massaging on.
  5. Be gentle. Don’t apply too much pressure or it will be overpowering for your kiddo and you want this to be an enjoyable experience for you both

I hope you try massage with your kiddo and realize how valuable that bonding time is between you. If you have any questions about techniques or comments about the process, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Massage Time – Yes it really works!
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