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How often have you searched for products that are natural and safe enough for your child but still affordable? Well, the hunt is finally over! This special edition box includes an array of products all aimed towards offering safe items for your little one. We packed this box full so that you can determine which items fit your preferences! Everything from alleviating pain/scars to smelling fresh and clean is included. You never know, your new favorite brand may be waiting inside!

To view the Eco Emi Special Edition Kids Box Greeting Card for more information about the products that were included click the following picture: Kids Box Front and Back of Card

Products included in this month’s box are as follows:

tooth tissues bumboosa wipes
Dental Wipes

by: Tooth Tissues

Bamboo Baby Wipes

by: Bumboosa

Nurtured By Nature hair detangler
Size 3 Diapers

by: Nurtured by Nature

Hair Detangler

by: The Great Mother

decongestant bodywash
Herbal Decongestant

by: Sages Aromatherapy

Body Wash/ Shampoo or Lotion

by: Belly Buttons and Babies

toy cleaner  vitamins
Toy Plus Cleaner

by: Jersey Shore Kids

 Calm Multi

by: Natural Vitality

stretch mark        lip balm
 Scar and Stretch Mark Cream

by: Green Gaia Essentials

 Lip Balm

by: Jersey Shore Kids

 Lip Tube

by Waxelene