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Super Bowl Sunday

Author: Addison, Eco Emi Team Member

Nearly everyone is gearing up for the Super Bowl; some because of their love for football, some because their favorite team finally made it, and some because they love to gather with friends and eat good food; maybe all three are true for you…   This year, it is projected that the average American will eat around 2,800 calories during the Super Bowl; that is a lot of calories in just a few hours!

I am trying to stick to my new year’s resolution of eating healthier, so, I have decided to bring a couple alternatives to the typical “snack foods.”

I love dessert!  For Super Bowl Sunday I am going to make a fun, football themed, vegan pumpkin pie to take to the gathering.  Of course, I always have to test out the recipes before taking it to a party, to ensure that they look and taste great!  It was incredibly easy to make, and you can find how to make the vegan graham cracker crust with a vegan pumpkin pie filling on Oh She Glows.

Football-Pie 1

To turn a delicious dessert into a fun football, follow these instructions.  After the pie is baked, let it cool, and then remove it from the pan.  Place it on top of a cutting board that is covered with parchment paper.  Use a sharp knife to slowly round off the two corners.  Make the laces in one of two ways:  If you are in the mood to make a superb vegan whipped cream you can view how to make it here; store-bought vanilla frosting will also taste and look great.  Fill a frosting tube and add the football laces, festive, fun and fabulous…

This is a great recipe for any event, and who knows, this delicious dessert could encourage others to move to a more healthy and natural life style!

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