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The Beauty of Sponges

Author: Addison, Eco Emi Team Member

This month we featured Aquanatural Sponges, a unique item with multiple purposes.  You can use them during a relaxing bath or in the summer months as a way to keep cool.  You can also wash your car or use the sponge to scrub your pet.

Sponges are part of the amazing plant life that exists on the floor of the ocean.  These little sponges were harvested in the Gulf of Mexico. According to recent studies, there are two different way to harvest sea sponges; one is harmful to the plant and the other is not. The harmful way of harvesting is by cutting the sponge at the base, which prevents the plant from regenerating. The other form of harvesting is sustainable because the technique involves a cut that is at least one inch from the base. The sponges included in your January box were cut two to three inches from the base, leaving a substantial plant for re-growth.

Cutting these sponges can be compared to regularly pruning or dead-heading any plant.  The removal of the mature sponge promotes new growth which allows for the plant to continue the life cycle.

Aquanatural Sponges harvests seven different types of eco-friendly sponges each year, each one is unique. These include: the wool, the yellow, the grass, the knobbie, the seacap, pipeshades, and the finger sponges. The sponge that you will have in your January box will either be the wool or the yellow, and these can be used for bathing, cleaning automobiles and boats, or even animals.  Cleaning the sponge is made easy too!  Every couple of months put the sponge in a container filled with a hydrogen peroxide and water solution and let it soak overnight, rinse it well and it is clean and sanitized.  Don’t use bleach on these sponges because it can cause the sponge to become brittle and deteriorate.

Eco Emi hopes you enjoy this eco-friendly, useful product!

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