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Vegan Brownies

Author: Lauren, Eco Emi Team Member

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and many are busy planning for this anticipated holiday.  Having festive treats is always fun, and we have an awesome and flavorful recipe for a vegan brownie with raspberry butter cream icing that will definitely add to the excitement.  It’s fun to make and isn’t TOO bad for you; so don’t be afraid to indulge!  After all, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year right?

Just follow the directions on this easy-to-make recipe below, and you’ll be off to chocolaty paradise.  These brownies taste great with or without the butter cream icing, so it’s optional (but delicious!).  The beautiful pink coloring comes from the raspberries alone making it an all natural delight with no artificial coloring.

Vegan Brownie Recipe


Raspberry Buttercream Recipe

After the brownies have cooled carefully run a knife along the inside of the brownie pan and gently lift out the brownies. When you are ready to cut the brownie into shapes, be sure to use a cookie cutter that is taller than the height of the brownie; it will help make an easier and cleaner cut. You can also use a spatula to help lift the brownie off of the foil to ensure that it doesn’t stick. Repeat this until the brownie is completely cut, and looks like a big piece of swiss cheese.  Feel free to eat the leftover brownie scraps; those were always my favorite!

 vegan brownie cookie cutter

After you have made the yummy raspberry butter cream icing and filled it in a pastry bag, line one brownie heart with the frosting and top with another matching brownie heart. Gently press down to ensure that it sticks, and repeat this until all (or the desired amount) the brownies are completed. Feel free to sprinkle powdered sugar to the tops of the brownie hearts to add a little decoration.

 vegan brownie cookie cutter with icing

These brownies are a perfect addition to any special day. Do you have any other flavors of frosting that you would enjoy?

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