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Vegan Pepperoni

Author: Rebecca, Eco Emi Team Member 

When I was a kid, money was tight, and it was a thrill to be able to eat out.  I remember doing book reports and getting little coupons as a reward for a mini panned pizza of my choice. Oh the excitement that I would feel! We would cash these in on a Friday night, and enjoy a picnic on the living room floor while watching a movie. What great memories!

A few years ago, I decided to take the stand and become vegetarian.  The panned pizza was one of the items I had to give up.  The transition was a shock at first, but I was able to quickly find alternatives to some of my most favorite meals. I am very excited to share a vegan pepperoni recipe that I have fallen in love with. Yes, you read that correctly, pepperoni!  With this recipe, I can create a pizza and create a memory for my children all while eating healthier.  The kids love it!

Eco Emi would like to hear your thoughts about this recipe or if you adopted a similar Friday night picnic party. We are always up for a little fun along with sincere suggestions! Enjoy!

Vegan Pepperoni

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