Eco Emi is a monthly subscription box.  We are an informative and fun way to try new eco-friendly, all natural,  vegetarian, animal conscious, free-trade products.

Trying new things can be overwhelming and expensive.  Many products in the market place contain ingredients that can’t be pronounced, much less understood.  At Eco Emi, we provide a sample of all natural, healthy products to allow the consumer to venture into the eco-friendly arena without spending a fortune on full-sized products.

We research the companies that we feature to confirm that their product offerings are eco-friendly, animal conscious and support our belief that everyone deserves to be paid a fair wage.

Eco Emi introduces products that support an all natural and healthy lifestyle.  For $15 ($27 if you live outside the US) per month you can join us in our endeavor to make our planet ‘greener’ one convert at a time!